Create, Design, Inspire.

Full service custom build/design firm that specializes in the mediums of wood, acrylic, metal, and sustainable materials. We design and create everything from functional cabinetry, furniture, and decor to prototyping, environment creation, and proof of concept. Our strength is our team of craftsman we have put in place that can take a concept from design to production seamlessly.


As builders we know the process necessary to arrive at the conclusion of what can and cannot be done. We encourage anyone with a product idea to engage a NDA with any manufacturer before offering the concept for exploration.


We have the abilities to draw both freehand scale and detail drawings as well as CAD produced drawings and layout.


Through our established relationships we can acquire and source various mediums through several vendors including, reclaimed, repurposed, and green materials.


We are able to produce samples that would cover the full scope of a production run including material, texture, and finish.


We handle all the integration and tooling needed to produced the proposed concept.


Any production run is assessed by the specific needs of that product and expectations of the client.