Truly customizable concrete and recycled glass products

Beachstone® Sustainable Products are the first truly customizable recycled glass concrete products that can be pigmented any color and made to any size, shape, and form. Beachstone® Sustainable Products contain a high percent of recycled content (85% by weight) which helps divert post- consumer glass and pre-consumer seashells from landfill deposits. It is also domestically sourced and produced within the USA. Beachstone® Sustainable Products are produced with a proprietary “zero waste” manufacturing process ensuring no additional waste to the environment. We do not cut from large slabs of material and thus do not have excess waste.

Equipment & Machinery:


Beachstone® Sustainable Products can consult and assist designers with proper product capabilities, and product installation methods.


Beachstone® Sustainable Products can provide insight concerning drafting for an additional fee.


Beachstone Sustainable Products manufactures tile, ledger stone, shower pans, bath vanity tops, sink tops, and other furniture items such as table tops. Custom projects possible with longer lead-times.


Beachstone® Sustainable Products can create various sizes of all product offerings.


Beachstone has the ability to produce any precast architectural concrete form using its proprietary recycled glass mix design.


Beachstone® Sustainable Products can produce products at any volume.