Contract sewing for bags, backpacks, covers, active gear .

Manufacturer specializing in cutting, imprinting, and sewing for products which include but are not limited to: include tactical bags, custom bags, cases, pouches,other non-apparel items.

Equipment & Machinery:


We can assist in making recommendations on the manufacturability of your product. We do not advise regarding the functionality of the product.


You do not need patterns to work with us. We can reverse engineer your item to make our own.


We can purchase materials on your behalf assuming they are available through the US wholesale textile supply chain. If one or more items are very custom or unique, we may need you to supply.


We're not in the business of making 1-off samples or prototypes. However, we always create a pre-production sample upon receipt of an order for approval before production begins.


Yes, we can source cutting dies as well as sewing clamps and jigs. These are billed separately from your per unit price.


Yes, this is our primary source of business.