Since 1930. Bert-Co creates and manufactures folding cartons and specialty packaging for luxury markets, including beauty, distilled beverage, gourmet food, and entertainment.

Bert-Co was founded in 1930 by Berton P. Couturier. The first print shop was located at 356 S. Broadway Street in the heart of Downtown Los Angeles.

Early work included printing matchbook covers and travel brochures with letterpress equipment. Later work included imprinting the center labels for vinyl records and eventually record jackets for many major record labels. In the 1960Õs, Bert-Co had the distinction of printing the first record jacket printed in the U.S. for The Beatles. In the 1980Õs, Bert-Co became well known to software and computer gaming systems such as Atari. In the mid 2000Õs we expanded... (more)