Quality contract sewing for non-apparel products

We are a small-run contract sewing company based in Lancaster County, PA. We sew a diverse group of products for an equally diverse group of customers. While every project we work on is unique, we're always guided by the same principles. To be fair, honest and accountable in every aspect of a job -- from pricing to delivery. To provide excellent, proactive customer service. And to deliver a finished product that clearly shows the pride we take in our work.

We work with artists and designers to bring their visions to life in the form... (more)


We've helped customers develop all sorts of items for production, from apparel accessories to bags to banners.


We can help develop patterns and have worked with the same local pattern maker for decades.


We can source materials for clients or help clients source materials themselves.


We create samples for customers who are committed to having their end product produced in the United States.


We can cut and slice materials in house for production.


From weekly delivery to one-time runs, we work to our clients' needs.