Design for Manufacturing Summit #3

The third  Design for Manufacturing Summit will be held on March 21st. At the summit, the future of American manufacturing will be discussed where industrial designers, digital entrepreneurs and manufacturers will explore the opportunities in the digital manufacturing revolution. Here is our conversation with the Peter Verkooijen, one of the organizers of the event:

What inspired you to organize the Design for Manufacturing Summit?
My goal with the Design for Manufacturing Summits is to get the different disciplines together, get them talking and hopefully help foster that decentralized manufacturing renaissance. Accessible technology and automation levels the playing field. There is still so much unrealized potential in connecting digital technology to physical, tangible business. In manufacturing, digital modeling and networking can shorten the lines between product developers, designers, engineers, manufacturers and marketers.

What industries do you see benefiting the most from the summit?

Manufacturers have been implementing digital technology for years, but we are still in the very early stages of a much broader revolution. The opportunity is to move to a much more decentralized manufacturing ecosystem, with many smaller design, engineering and manufacturing firms collaborating in constantly shifting configurations. Smaller design and development firms in luxury products, like in fashion and furniture, are the first to work in this way.

Be sure to look out for our follow-up blog post after the event!

Event Summary:

When? March 21, 2013, 3-9pm

Where? Dumbo Spot, 160 Water Street,  Brooklyn, 11201

How much? $160, but get 50% off with this link:

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