8 Tips to Prepare for a Buyer Meeting

Few things are more exciting to a brand than getting a meeting with a buyer, but it’s important to prepare in order to be effective and increase your chances of getting a purchase order. I’ve outlined a few tips and checklists that worked for us (Matthew and I sold to about 30 stores back when we had a brand).

Tips to prepare for a buyer meeting:

1. Research the store on market fit. Make sure to know who else that store / boutique is carrying, what their target market is and what their price ranges are.

2. Bring samples. Make sure your samples are in perfect condition and representative of what you will deliver after you receive the order. Ideally, your samples will be retail ready: hangtags with style #, logo, color sizes, MSRP, UPC code.

3. Bring your catalog / line sheet. Mark each item with a style number, this will make it easier to refer to different items you are showing.

4. Bring a price sheet. This is a separate sheet and could include an order form. Some stores have their own order form, if they do make sure you read the fine print (payment terms, chargebacks, etc.)

5. Anticipate common questions.

  • Which piece/s are the most popular and which items sell the best?
  • What are your minimum order quantities?
  • What are your payment terms?
  • How is the product packaged?
  • Are these in stock? If not, when can I expect them?
  • How soon can you deliver? If all goes well, how soon can you ship reorders?
  • Can I customize your product to better fit our store?
  • Are you willing to do a wholesale discount or promotion?
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6. Don’t forget your business cards. With your name, company name, phone, email and website.

7. Bring an account list. Bring a list of stores you currently send to, with location (sometimes stores will want exclusivity within a neighborhood or zip code).

8. Be sure to include a press list. Bring a small portfolio to showcase the press your brand has been receiving.

Is there anything else you do to prepare for a meeting? Tell us in the comments below!