3 How-To Videos for Understanding Patternmaking and Sample Making

The world of apparel design is never simple and, more often than not, it requires years of experience to navigate smoothly. That’s why we at Maker’s Row sat down with the infinitely knowledgeable Marianne Weber from Quick Turn Clothing. Marianne and her husband Charles have been making patterns, samples, and finished goods in New York City’s Garment District long enough to break down the process for novices to learn with ease.

As a part of a three video series for our new Maker’s Row Academy series, Marianne shares some trade secrets and invaluable education for all things design!

1. Patternmaking

In our first video Marianne simplifies the ever mystifying patternmaking process. What is it? Can anyone just make a pattern? In short, no. It takes seasoned pros like Marianne and Charles to get that perfect fit. Though she’ll tell you just why it’s so crucial to find yourself a go-to patternmaker for your designs.

Quick Turn and the Patternmaking Process:

2. Sample Making

The second video builds off the patternmaking knowledge shared in the first clip by continuing onto the important sample making process. What is sample making? What do you need to have a sample made? Marianne discusses the technical aspects and the challenges that the sample making process inevitably brings up.

Marianne and the Sample Making Process:

3. 3 Tips for New Designers

With all of her years in the industry as an ace, Marianne has accumulated some essential tips for designers that strike beginners time and time again. Follow these three tips when starting the product development process and avoid unnecessary snafus and impress your manufacturer with your professionalism. It’s a sure-fire way to smooth out the process and get your designs in 3D form ASAP.

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Quick Turn’s 3 Tips for New Designers:

•Tip #1: Do your homework
Tip #2: BYOF (bring your own fabric)
Tip #3: Find a fit model now
For more information on Quick Turn Clothing visit their Maker’s Row profile or watch our video with them.