WOMEN TO WATCH: 5 Entrepreneurs to Follow on Instagram

1. LADYSHARK:  Founder of Live Fast Mag

Live Fast Mag curates the best of fashion, art, sex, and travel.  This online magazine (going to print soon) features inspirational imagery and exclusive editorials highlighting up-and-coming artists, designers, and go ol’ fashioned eye candy.  Follow founder, Vivianne Lapointe and see her globetrotting with @whosroxy on their Live Fast Summer Tour.


2. PUNODOSTRES:  Co-founder of Map & Co-founder of ILOVECREATIVES

Husband/wife duo, Puno & Daniel Yee, have created web app, Map that allows creative explorers to share and save places they love and want to go by linking beautiful imagery to their personal Map.  The soon-to-be mobile map has attracted a growing community of photographers, nature lovers, and foodies.

ILOVECREATIVES, is a platform that allows Los Angeles creatives to find one another by posting ads or subscribing to a weekly newsletter that delivers local opportunities. Puno and Eva Goicochea, founder of The Boffin Society, launched ILOVECREATIVES to not only bring small businesses, freelancers, and creatives together, but to create a community of like-minded individuals that share a desire to collaborate and connect with others.


3. CHELSEAMATTHEWS:  Founder of Matte Black

Chelsea Matthew’s has reinvented marketing with culture-marketing firm, Matte Black that crafts content, campaigns, and experiences that strategically and creatively build brand awareness.  Amongst their focused projects, Matte Black produces social media workshop, Social Derby that tackles the topic of social strategy and community growth for small businesses.


4. JULIEMATOSSTYLE:  Stylist | Fashion Editor | Costume

Noted as one of the most in demand celebrity stylist in the industry, Julie Matos has built her empire on defining key trends and showcasing high-fashion editorials.  Follow the inspiration and musings behind Julie’s work based in Los Angeles and New York

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Julie Matos

5. FAIRSEASON:  Toni Walker Founder of Fair Season

Fair Season is the destination for one-of-a-kind vintage found and hand selected by Toni Walker in Los Angeles and throughout her travels.  Toni’s most recent addition to her collection is a capsule of re-worked denim accessories with hand stenciled and bleached art.

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