3 Steps to Managing the Entrepreneurial Self

The life of an entrepreneur is hectic, chaotic and can seem relentless. Often times the first thing to go is our mental clarity, eating, sleeping and daily maintenance of our selves. When launching a new business or managing one on the day to day, there are simple things you can do everyday to make better decisions, feel grounded when maneuvering in unchartered waters, and to help keep your eye on the bigger prize, i.e. your happiness and success. I’ve walked clients through these practices below and have seen amazing results.

3 Steps To Managing the Entrepreneurial Self


Step 1: Breathe

1. Exercise: Take 5 minutes. Do it now. Close your eyes and focus on your breath coming in and out of your nose. Count in your head for a breath and out for a breath (breathing in one, breathing out one). Set your timer for 5 minutes and by the end you will feel clear.

2. Why do it? Meditation can lower stress (numerous studies back this up), and allows for you to think more clearly at the task at hand. Use this technique to stimulate clarity, generate creativity, and get focused.

3. When to do it: Do this exercise in the morning before checking emails and taking your first call. Practice it between tasks and when you need to shift gears and at night when you are ready to turn your work brain off for relaxation.

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Step 2: Say “no”

1. Exercise: Write down your 5 personal and 5 professional goals for the next year. This is your focus. When new projects or opportunities come up, check it against your list. If it doesn’t lead to the achievement of your top goals then don’t do it. Saying “no” is a powerful tool.

2. Why do it? As an entrepreneur eager for success, it’s easy to get derailed by opportunities. Stay focused. There is power in owning your time and commitments.

3. When to do it: As often as you need to. Everyday look at your goals, and look at your to-do lists, do they add up?

Step 3: Digitally Detox

1. Exercise: Turn off your phone and computer between 8p and 9a twice during the week and on one full weekend day.

2. Why do it? Looking at our phones at night disrupts sleep, and looking at it first thing in the morning can soar your stress levels. Not to mention the negative impact of the screen light on your eyes. It can be stressful to think about what might be on the other side of the email, but normally it can wait.

3. When to do it: Do yourself a favor and try to play with a digital detox a couple nights a week. You might end up finding it liberating and doing it more often.

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Here is to a focused, successful and rejuvenated you!

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