4 Tips For Starting Your Clothing Line

Embarking on an entirely new design venture is often straight-up terrifying, but you don’t have to be completely unprepared as you start dipping your toes in the water. Taking the time to go through approvals, tests and line plans is invaluable to sustaining a new line. Below are four tips to minimize the stress and roadblocks of starting your own garment collection.

Don’t go straight to manufacturing your garment without approving it first

Never ever manufacture bulk of something you have not approved or tested. You must check the fit in all sizes, the construction methods and the fabrics to save time and $$$.

Making in the USA can save you money

There are typically small minimum order requirements in the USA so you can make only what you need. It’s important to test a new product before filling a warehouse full of it. You could end up with a warehouse full of something that wasn’t quite right for the marketplace.

Start with a line plan

Good planning goes a long way. Decide how many styles you want in your line then some general details about them. Will there be one jacket, two shirts and two pants? Make sure there is a good mix of tops, bottoms and layers. Once done, step back and see if plan make sense from a consumer’s point of view.

Think big, start small

Starting with 5-10 styles is a good amount. If you start much bigger than that, there’s too much guesswork around demand. It’s very likely that there’ll be some adjustments needed in the early selling stages. Decide what makes your brand unique and start with core pieces integral to that vision.

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Feature image by Herman Miller at Benn Gold 

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