Nine Weird Things You Can Make in America

In the spirit of the Fourth of July and all things #MadeinAmerica, we’ve investigated the most unusual items you can make in the United States. After poring through a list of the 24,000 searches run on Maker’s Row, we picked out some (PG-rated) favorites that speak to the broad spectrum of manufacturing in America.

Dog beds

Dog bed

Because Fido’s home is more luxurious than most people’s first apartment.



Style statement, throwback, future museum piece: the corset’s enduring popularity continues to shine.

Church furniture

church furniture

In case you decide to start your own religion – or just want beautiful furniture.



We might not be able to take that tropical vacation, but a #MadeinAmerica hammock can take the edge off.



Looking for a customizable display option for your threads? Look no further.



Crisp sound and comfortable wear can all be created in the U.S. of A.



Because why outsource recreation?

Perfume bottles


Kitschy glassware and chic bottling alike is a piece of cake for local manufacturers.

Wall decals

wall decal

Jazz up your walls. This designer took it literally.

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