This is America Unwrapped

When 17 people meet on a rooftop at sunrise, it’s an experience. When you capture them naked, their stories etched onto their bodies, looking out over the industrial stomping grounds of Brooklyn at sunrise, it’s something much greater.

Next month, we launch the Maker’s Row Store — a curated celebration of modern Made in America that represents the myriad of great design we’ve uncovered throughout the fifty states, along with the stories of the people behind these products — entrepreneurs, designers and innovators making their mark on Made in America.

America Unwrapped is the precursor — a celebration of men and women chasing the dream, daring greatly as we take Made in America into the future. It’s watching the sunrise stretching out across Brooklyn: the heritage of industry reinventing itself for the 21st Century.


The new Maker’s Row store isn’t just another e-commerce site. It’s the start of something new. In the past two years, we’ve helped over 70,000 American brands partner with more than 6,500 American manufacturers to create more than 1 million products, all proudly Made in America.

It’s because of this that we stood on a rooftop with 17 naked American’s last Saturday at 4:15am. America Unwrapped is just the start: the story of Made in America. Unwrapped. Ready to take on the future.

See the full #AmericaUnwrapped campaign at, where you’ll also have the chance to get one of 1,000 early-access invites to the launch of the Maker’s Row Store. Next, head over to Facebook and Twitter to share the #AmericaUnwrapped campaign.

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