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Next time you’re jumping on a red-eye with a neck pillow in hand, take a moment to check out your surrounds. Sure, you’re probably being given the once-over by TSAs, but you’d be surprised at how many statement design features there are to notice: whether it’s intuitive wayfinding, green walls, or floating runways (well, that might be a couple of years off), you’re likely to see the transit space in an entirely new light.


Unlike those of us who haven’t taken the opportunity to examine the intricacies of airports, the team at 08 Left are well acquainted with terminal traits. In a striking series called the Domestic Airport Collection, they render blueprints of American airports in vibrant inks for art prints that make you think and look twice. Appropriately aerial, the bird’s-eye perspective of these unsung architectural feats turn geography into geometry, working a contemporary angle into each piece and making us investigate the best of what US airports have to offer.


So when it’s time to head to the gate, keep your eyes peeled. Maybe it’s the Southern grandeur of the Savannah/Hilton Head Airport, or maybe it’s the unmistakable Austin-ness of the city’s airport, complete with barbecue and live music. Florida’s Palm Beach Airport is ideal for winding down at tee-off time (yep, there’s a putting green), while palms trees and an outdoor wine bar in Long Beach bring the retro glam to Southern California. And, purely for design value, Tampa can’t be beat – it’s like a time capsule of what people thought the future would look like, fifty years ago.

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And if your pockets are a little too light for jetsetting, satisfy your wanderlust with some affordable, aspirational art.

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