All-American Favorites: The Leather Edit

Supple or structured, dyed or uncorrected – no matter the result, leather is our favorite fall fabric. From decor to accessories to handbags, the versatile material is king this season, rendered in almost too many shapes, colors and forms for us to handle.

Field Pack – Yield Design


Available in black or warm neutrals, Yield Design’s Field Pack with leather detailing is a sleek carryall with a deceptively simple design. Thoughtful touches like adjustable, press-stud straps, side pockets and a buckle-fastened front flap make it more than just a pretty face: it’ll do some heavy lifting, too.   

Cord Keepers – Canoe Goods


No more tangles! No, not shampoo – the Cord Keeper from Canoe Goods is the must-have accessory for anyone who’s experienced the frustration of headphones and phone chargers knotting up in bags in pockets. So, you know, everyone.

Handsome Dan Football – Leatherhead


Display it proudly, or punt gently – Leatherhead’s Handsome Dan football is the kind of treasure that’ll stay in your family for generations. Made from uncorrected leather with a rich color and irresistible scent, it’s a fast favorite.

Rockwell Handbag – Future Glory


Circular handles and curved base round out the structured Rockwell Mini handbag, and the deep burgundy leather makes it the perfect transitional piece as the weather cools. Brass studs on the base keep it elevated, so no worries about unsightly scuffs.

Hexagon Leather Coasters – Owen & Fred


The hexagonal shape and honeycomb texture of Owen & Fred’s vivid yellow coasters make them the ideal tabletop accent. Team with barware for a set, or gift them as a stocking filler (hey, there’s nothing wrong with being extra-organized).   

Leather Care

Now that we’ve whet your appetite with must-have leather goods, you’ll need to know how to take care of your new accessories. Here’s a few tips to keep your leather rich and crack-free.

  • • If you need to keep it stashed away, store it in a bag made from breathable fibres such as cotton to prevent drying.
  • • Lotion can only be used on smooth leather.
  • • Stay away from silicone and wax, because they’ll ruin the natural oils in the leather.
  • • You should also stay away from cleaning fluid, mink oil, and saddle soap, all of which can result in ruined leather.
  • • Do test patches every time you use a new leather care product.
  • • Start using protective sprays as soon as possible, and continue to use lotion every three months.
  • • Wide clotheshangers can preserve the shape of your leathergoods.

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