I Am American Made: The Infographic

At Maker’s Row, we’re constantly asking: what does American Made mean to us? To the design and manufacturing communities? To the country as a whole? Understanding how and where our efforts can best impact the drive to support American manufacturing and production is essential to everything we do as a team.

Our nationwide family has grown to over 80,000 brands and 8,000 factories. In fostering these relationships, we reached out to get their feedback on what it means to them to be Made in America today.

So, what did we find? Above all, American Made stands for quality, diversity and opportunity.


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We’re excited to have reached more than 8,000 factories on our database. To celebrate, we’re giving you your first month on Maker’s Row for just $8 with the code MR8K. Plus get $10 off your first order from The General Store by Maker’s Row with the code AM42MT. 

Treason Toting Co. image taken by Kelvin Bulluck for Strangers With Style


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