Labor Day Rule Breakers: All White Everything

We’re not afraid of breaking the rules. For Labor Day, we’ve curated an edit of all white everything, so you can work crisp monochromes well into the fall. And it’s not just your wardrobe that embraces shades of eggshell and cream: home decor, art and accessories all get in on the game, too. Here’s five of our faves.

Bronsen – Grayson the Gorilla

Sliced, geometric forms rendered in white lend stark simplicity to Bronsen’s sculptural pieces, but they’re never without a sense of levity. Grayson the Gorilla pulls off one of the most challenging balances to strike – timeless quirk.


Michiko Shimada – Vita Vase

Drawing inspiration from pulsing hearts, Michiko Shimada reimagines visceral reality as pared-back minimalism. Unusual and inexplicably elegant, the Vita Vase is an off-beat addition to a sun-filled living space.



Nikki Chasin – Understory

A wideset neckline and dropped raglan sleeves make for a versatile, multi-season piece. Team with stovepipe jeans for easy elegance, or wide-legged culottes for something a little more avant-garde.  


Treats – Anchors shirt

A cream background anchors up this shirt by Treats, the kind of piece that makes for zero effort and maximum impact. Seriously.


Flea Market Rx – Schoolhouse Co Pendant lamp

Cast the right kind of light on your home with Schoolhouse Co’s Pendant light fixture, a 21st-century take on oil-burning lamps. Warm lighting is just a click away.

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