Factories Hard to Find on Google

Generic searches on Google for  “cut and sew manufacturer” or “NYC leather manufacturer” may not effectively capture all of the factories with the capabilities you are looking for. This week, we did some legwork for you and identified a list of Maker’s Row factories that are hard to locate in search engines (unless you specifically knew of their name beforehand). We hope you enjoy perusing these hidden gems.

1. Genil Accessories

Genil Accessories is a tie and accessory factory located in Brooklyn, NY.  Since 1989, they have serviced production of men’s and women’s neckwear and accessories. Their success in custom manufacturing is born out of an ability to develop a product from concept to finished product in a professional and efficient process.


Tip: Genil is an affordable, high quality, and no-frills tie manufacturer. Be sure to have your materials in hand because they won’t source for you.

2. Du Nguyen

Based about 1.5 hours from Philadelphia in Reading, Pennsylvania, Du Nguyen Sewing Services was founded in 1994 by Indonesian refugees and is the definition of a “true immigrant success story.”  The family-run factory is approachable and willing to work with both new designers and existing brands.


Tip: Du Nguyen specializes in manufacturing women’s sportswear, athletic wear, & casual wear.

3. Hemsmith 

Hemsmith is a New York City based, family-owned factory committed to their clients and the quality of their work. Their apparel capabilities include knit, dressy attire, leggings, and pants.


Tip: Located in Long Island City, the factory is big enough to accommodate (and welcomes) large scale production.

4. McCabe DTLA

McCabe DTLA is a leading handbag manufacturer. Located in Downtown Los Angeles, McCabe DTLA offers an extensive variety of resources and services, including production, sourcing of materials, and business consulting. Armed with a full-service facility, new state of the art equipment, and 70+ years combined experience, they are qualified to care for your manufacturing needs.

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Tip: McCabe is the best kept secret for the high-end LA handbag designers.

5. The Sourcing District 

The mission of the Sourcing District is to give the independent designer a chance to source fabric and materials professionally. They provide durable and quality choices with garment center showroom pricing. Sourcing District can brands of all sizes industry professionals and industry resources such as from zippers, buttons, elastic, labels, and fabric, all in one place!


Tip: Feeling stuck trying to find fabrics? The Sourcing District will go above and beyond to track down the right materials to build your products.


Aramani is a manufacturer of medium to high-end handbags and accessories located in New Jersey. They have the knowledge and ability to create the most intricate or simple of bags that you desire; from coin purses to tote bags, they exert the same attention of detail and commitment to each individual bag.


Tip: Aramani works with a variety of fabrics, leathers, and exotics and can help you source these materials for your products as well.

7. Carryall Canvas Bags

Carryall Canvas Bag is a Brooklyn based cut and sew bag manufacturer that has been in business for over 48 years. They are a dependable and reputable company that produce bags of high quality at reasonable prices. Their services include cutting, sewing, embroidery, screen printing, design, all-over print, and custom design. Their motto is: “you think of it, we will make it,” and they are ready to work with both small and large brands.



Tip: If you’re hoping to forgo standard blanks by creating your own custom totes or bags, check out Carryall.


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