The Best Advice My Dad Has Given Me

In honor of Father’s Day, we wanted to highlight the men that have help inspired our community of entrepreneurs to pursue their dreams.  Whether its about love, business, or just being yourself – these business leaders share the best advice that their dads have given them.

Suuchi, Suuchi Incsuuchi and dad

My dad is tall, good looking, a math genius, a word smith. And he is schizophrenic. He is immensely intelligent – most schizophrenics are – they just don’t know how to channelize all that energy. Remember the movie ‘A Beautiful Mind’? Well, that’s my dad. In his moments of lucidity, he is my line of calm and my dearest friend. And the moments where lucidity doesn’t serve him, he is my inspiration for unrestrained creativity. He has taught me to see the world through unique eyes, to not care for stereotypes, to rise above judgement, and to own who you are. I am an entrepreneur because of him. I am because I am my father’s daughter.

Marta, Lefty Production Co.IMG_6010

My dad owned his own company and I spent alot of time there. He was the foundation that helped me start and fund my company. He motivated me along every step of the way.

Tanya, Maker’s Row

tanya menendez fathers day

Dion, All Jewelry Contracting

Abbie, Stitch Method

When we were preparing to launch Stitch Method I reached out to my Dad for advice. He is an entrepreneur himself and I knew he would be a great resource for us. He was very supportive and said ‘Go for it! Owning your own business makes you the the master of your own destiny.’

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Stayce, Clothier Design Source

fathers day

I think the best advice he’s ever given me is to always be confident and love who you are. To recognize that if your interests are different than others, that it isn’t a bad thing at all. I owe a lot of my interests in soft circuitry, science fiction, and non traditional construction to him.

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