Products You Didn’t Know You Can Make On Maker’s Row

While Maker’s Row is best known for helping businesses find factories to produce their apparel or furniture products, there are dozens of other industries we serve as well. Here are 4 types of factories you didn’t know were on Maker’s Row!

3D Printing

carrera casting 3d printer makers row

With manufacturing slowly moving into the 21st century the technology has slowly modernized too. One of the most prominent pieces of technology is 3D printing.

Search the tags “3D printing” or “3D printer” to find factories with this capability.

Book Binding

makers row book binding

If you need portfolio books, presentation boxes, or menu covers you can find a book binding factory on Maker’s Row by searching “Books“!



Letterpress printing is the process of producing a raised ink impression on paper. There are over 40 factories with this capability if you search the term “Letterpress” or “Stationery“.



You have a product, but now you need packaging for it! That’s when you can search “Packaging” or “Boxes” to make any type of package for your product. Whether it’s a shirt or a pizza!

Ready to start producing in America?

Over 100,000 brands have used Maker’s Row as a resource to select from nearly 10,000 American factories.  Signup for a free Maker’s Row account and create a project to start getting quotes from factories!

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