How To Pay Through Maker’s Row

In an effort to make it easier to make in the United States, we have been introducing new features like project bidding, estimates, and now, payments. Not only can you find factories and message them on Maker’s Row, now you can complete work with a factory by sending your payment securely through the platform. Hear from our founders about why we decided to launch payments:

Payments on Maker’s Row uses Stripe to secure transactions. You can rest assured that your money and information is safe. On top of that, it’s conveniently located in both your messaging screen and on profiles for factories that have connected their payments. You can read more about payments here!

There are two ways to pay through Maker’s Row:


Maker’s Row Invoices allow you to create an invoice and send it to anyone even if they don’t have a Maker’s Row account. You can do this my going to and connecting your Stripe account to your Maker’s Row account. From here you can create an invoice and email it out. Then, your client can pay you through Maker’s Row Payments, which is safely powered by Stripe.

“Make A Payment” Button

If you have a Maker’s Row account, you can easily pay factories through their factory profile page and messages. Here’s how:

1. Find a Factory

Search for the perfect factory for you through Maker’s Row! Our blog has several articles that can help you pick the right manufacturer to work with your beyond price:

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Once you find the right fit, you can send the factory a message by pressing the “Message Company” button.unnamed

2. Send an Estimate

You’re satisfied with a factory! Great! Now you can talk money. You can ask factories for an estimate on their services by pressing the blue “Get An Estimate” button on their profile.

This will open up the following form:unnamed-1

If you have a Maker’s Row Project, you can upload it to this form and it will automatically fill out the pertinent information. If you do not have a project, you can fill the form out manually.

Once you send the form, it will be available in your messages on Maker’s Row!


3. Receive A Quote & Pay!

Once the factory has reviewed your estimate request, they will send you a quote that will include the total project cost and the deposit required. From there, you’ll have two options: “Ask A Question” or “Make A Payment.”

If you select “Make A Payment” you can simply enter your credit card information and send a payment to a factory. If you send it to the wrong factory – no worries! Factories can also refund payments.


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