What is Maker’s Row Project Dashboard?

This week we are introducing new features that will change the way that the manufacturing industry works. Each day we will introduce you to a new feature. Check out how Maker’s Row is evolving here!

The end goal of Maker’s Row is to help products get made. Well, we’re making it even easier now. We’re opening up the process so that brands’ projects can be viewed and inquired about by thousands of factories on Maker’s Row with the Project Dashboard.

With the project dashboard, factories can browse through hundreds of projects that are posted every day and select which leads they’d like to pursue. Not only does this give power to factories to choose their work, it also gives brands a chance to be exposed to thousands of factories that are willing to help them manufacture their products in the United States.

We’re making it easier for manufacturers to find business by allowing designers to publicly list what they’re working on. Then, manufacturers can search through our project dashboard and find designers that may need services that factories can provide. Find better and more serious leads.

Our projects software allows brands to create an online portfolio with the details of their product and special instructions on how they want their finished product to look. Some of the details they can list include:

  • Budget
  • Materials
  • Tech Pack
  • Sketches
  • Visual References
  • And more!

Manufacturers are able to browse publicly listed projects by start-ups, small, and big brands and inquire on what services they may need. New projects are listed every day! Here is how to use the Maker’s Row Project Dashboard!

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(note: Brands, you can learn how to get more inquiries on your project here!)


Search through the hundreds of projects on Maker’s Row projects that update live!



Projects contain all the information you need to make an informed decision on a lead.


You can ask questions or simply get the conversation started with the brand by hitting the “Inquire” button!


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Gain access to payments, estimate requests, and the project dashboard!