Kickstarter Explains What Makes the Best Campaign

We spoke with our friends at Kickstarter to get tips for small businesses using the popular crowdfunding platform

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The most recent episode of Maker’s Row Live took place in a very special location. We journey to the Kickstarter office to meet up with the Community Team to learn more about the platform. Carol and Zach talked to us about working at Kickstarter, creating successful campaigns, and meeting innovative creators. You can check out the full interview here or watch our top tips below:

What you will learn in this video

The New Portfolio

“You want the campaign page to be an exciting representation of your work. Don’t think of it as a static commercial, but a an evolution of your project.”

Best Rewards For Backers

“One of the most popular pledge amounts is $25, so we recommend offering something around that level. You always want to offer the thing that you are making. If you are making a film, think about how people can access that.”

Crafting a Campaign Video

“People often make the mistake of having a beautiful story that sets up the project that lasts for more than 30 seconds, and then somewhere in there they say ‘And this is what I’m making.’ At that point people have already passed on the project. Be sure to mention what you’re making in the first 30 seconds.”

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