#MakersRowGold: A Guided Year To Launch in 2017

The end of the year is the perfect time to look back on the goals you’ve accomplished and how much you’ve grown.  Over the years we have met many entrepreneurs, got to learn their journeys, and sometimes even shared their stories. We’re so proud and encouraged by how leaders in design, manufacturing, and entrepreneurship are optimizing every opportunity to achieve their goals and strengthened Made in America.

We’ve reached out to many entrepreneurs in 2016 fighting to reach deadlines, understand the industry, and define their business. And for those who wanted to get started but didn’t, 49% said they had an idea but don’t know where to start. The Maker’s Row Gold program aims to help both groups get closer to their business goals. Whether you are just starting or looking to take your product or business to the next level, you get all the platform has to offer plus member-only features and a guided program to help you launch.


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30-Minute Kick Off Call

Our sourcing specialist will walk you through a custom curriculum on design, sourcing, and production. She’ll also answer your questions to help you best get started. You’ll also meet some other entrepreneurs that are committed to launching in 2017!

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Live Webinars

We’ll cover a variety of topics ranging from production, quality control, launching, and marketing! Each session will be led by industry experts including factory owners, consultants, retail scaling experts, and designers. During the webinar, you will have an opportunity to meet and hear from other entrepreneurs that might be going through the same challenges at you.

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Digital Factory Tours

Maker’s Row Gold members will receive exclusive tours of factories from all over the United States. Explore the inside of apparel, furniture, leather, and jewelry factories. We’ll introduce you to a new factories and industries throughout the year.


Industry Mixers

In 2016, we held events in Boston, Philadelphia, Las Vegas, and NYC. For 2017, we already have events planned for the South, West Coast and are planning for more. Events are great for networking and making the right personal connection to grow your business.
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Maker’s Row Tote

A custom Maker’s Row American-Made tote filled with all sorts of goodies are exclusive for members.  Our partners have included special discount, offers, and items to offer our community.

Get Started!

(The Gold Plan Promo has ended, but we still provide guided assistance through our Concierge Plan.)