PaperGirl Collection: What I Accomplished In A Year #MakersRowGold

Did you know that two-thirds of people that want to start a business don’t because they don’t think they’ll succeed? Well, that’s why we introduced Maker’s Row Gold! This new plan gives entrepreneurs the support and resources they need to actually start their business.

To show entrepreneurs that it is possible to start a successful business, we talked to some of our users about their brand, journey to success, and what they accomplished in a year.

This time we spoke with mompreneur superstar Ana Bianchi!

Describe your brand in one line:
“Papergirl Collection is a lifestyle brand about sparking little girls’ imagination. We make illustrated dresses and more for little girls that each tell a story in a companion storybook”

How did Papergirl Collection start?
Ana began in graphic design before making the switch to mompreneur. She got the idea from her daughter’s creativity. She even incorporates some of her drawings into dresses. She added that she started “from the desire to create something meaningful and imaginative for girls to wear and live in.”

What do you consider your biggest achievement for your brand?
“On one end, selling at Bergdorf Goodmans is a great validation. But the biggest achievement is when moms or girls tell me how much they love the dress and the companion storybook.” Ana was kind enough to invite us to the launch of her Circus collection at Bergdorf’s last year. For her, being in the store was a great accomplishment. However, the mothers and daughters coming in to meet her was the most exciting part.

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Is there a year that your brand really took off or that you got a lot accomplished for your brand?
“Every year has had a lot of small and medium accomplishments that have helped me grow. However, the best is yet to come.”

Do you have any goals for the upcoming year?
“My goal for 2017 is to expand the brand vision into a lifestyle brand with a more solid online presence.”

Any words of encouragement for entrepreneurs that aren’t sure if they can actually start a business?
“Develop a thick skin. Entrepreneurs are going to hear the word “no” a lot.” However, she also added that you should “find yourself two good mentors: an optimistic one that will cheer you up and a tough one that will help you pivot when you need to adjust the route, but mostly just keep swimming.”

Check out Ana’s interview with us!

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