5 American-Made Tools You Need To Know

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Whether you work with wood or metal, in a warehouse or industrial business, you rely heavily on tools. From small bits such as screws to big air tools, lasers and safety equipment, depending on your industry or job, you have to work certain tools day in and out. So, doesn’t it make sense to buy brands that create quality tools that stand up the high demands of the job?

An educated purchase makes all the difference. When you strive to buy American made tools – more on why that’s important later – and you know the brands that give you the best tools on the market, you will be able to effectively complete your job, no matter how big or small. Not to mention, your tools and equipment need to be reliable. Nothing slows down the assembly line or a project like faulty machines, equipment and tools. Below, we bring you the top five brands that are made in the Untied States and what makes them so great.

Why Buy American?

So, you might be thinking to yourself, “Why buy American made tools?” While for many people the answer to this will be different. However, there are many reasons to buy your tools from brands that are made here in the USA.

made in usa tool

For one, tools made here are usually made from a higher quality. If you’ve ever walked into a department store and picked up a wrench in a “Made in USA” aisle, you’ll probably feel the difference between that one compared to an imported wrench. The American-made tool usually feel heavier and tough, indicating it’s sturdiness and ability to hold up in all situations.

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Additionally, there’s another aspect to consider. When you buy American made tools or any other product for that matter, you are supporting the American economy, help reduce the carbon footprint of the company and it usually prove to be a more convenient purchase. While these are extremely good reasons to purchase those tools with made in the USA tag on them, there are still loads of reason to do so.

The Best Brands

Okay so now on to the part you’ve been waiting for. As of now you may be convinced that you should buy American made tools, but do you know the best brands to purchase your tools? While at first thought you may not think there are many brands that make tools in the United Sates, you’d actually be quite wrong.

Surprisingly, there are plenty of brands to choose from. In fact, it was hard to narrow the list down to just five. However, we wanted to give you brands that not only produce quality tools but state of the art ones as well. Below, are our top picks.

Topping the list is Armstrong. Part of the Apex Tool Group, Armstrong has been producing industrial tools since it made its first drop forged wrench in 1909. For hand tools, Armstrong boasts high quality, reliable and durable items that are guaranteed to get the job done. This applies whether you are working on transmissions or repairing boilers. The aim of Armstrong is to bring you the proper tools to do that task at hand safely and effectively.

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Unlike the others on the list, Wright is an individual tool manufacturer. This means that they don’t produce half as many tools as these other companies but they are still here because the tools they do have are of superior quality. They are an innovative company that has come up with unique ways to construct tools in the past, only to later create the industry standard.

Wright has revolutionized the way ratchets, wrenches and sockets have been made. These innovations allow the worker to enhance their performance because the tools allow them to cover more area not only faster but also more effectively. This along with an expanding line of products is the reason why Wright is such a beloved brand that many people trust and use for their needs.

SK Hand Tool
Made of American steel, the hand tools at SK are capable of quality power and precision jobs. The tools are great because they are designed for long-term use and crafted with precision, which are qualities that many other foreign made tools simply do not possess.

SK was founded in the early 1900s and quickly formed a reputation of using the innovative tools that appeal to the American tradesmen. In fact, all of their products are backed by a lifetime warranty, as SK believes their innovative tools are made of the quality that will last you a lifetime.

Ideal Industries has been producing tools for the electrical, date communication, aerospace and OEM solutions, construction and wire processing industries for over 90 years. All of these industries have a high demand for tools that use innovation to its advantage. They need technology up to date and allows workers to efficiently get the job done. They are known and loved for making iconic tools that are practical.

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Impressively, Ideal is known for its wire connectors and has thus become the standard for electrical connections worldwide. Not to mention that NASA has relied on Ideal for their equipment for various missions. Oh, and if all this wasn’t impressive enough, since the beginning in 1916, Ideal Industries has been family owned.

Lastly, we have the tools from Williams. Like many other American made companies, they do offer tools made on U.S. soil and overseas. However, Williams tools are a great go-to for supplies you rely on to get the job done.

Since 1882, Williams have produced tools and equipment that have met the harshest of industry standards and demands. For over a century, they have kept with the industry by finding new and innovative ways to bring reliable, quality made tools that are perfect for getting your high demand jobs done.

Whether you are using within your factory or home, there are many options for top-quality tools. Consider one of these brands the next time you are shopping for tools!

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