Mid-Year Roundup: Best Blogs of 2017 So Far

1. Trade Shows to Attend Summer 2017


The summer is prime season for trade shows. Trade shows are a great opportunity to network with peers, learn from experts, and grow your business. Don’t miss out on these opportunities this summer!

2. Vote for America’s Best Factories

hero_one_apparel (1)

Last month we celebrated American manufacturers during #AmericanFactoryWeek. We invited our community to nominate their favorite factories all across the United States. Ultimately, Stitch Texas won, but here you’ll see all of the finalists.

3. The 10 States With The Most Factories

reshoring jobs

New York and California are top states for fashion and apparel manufacturing, but how do all the other 48 states measure up? We take a look at the top states with the most jewelry, apparel, furniture and soft goods manufacturers.

4. Creating a Media Kit for Your Emerging Fashion Brand

media kit fashion

One of the most basic PR essentials for any emerging fashion brand is the media or press kit. The media kit is usually the first time the media will discover your brand, so it is important that you not only deliver all the key components of a media kit, but that you present your brand identity authentically and with the ever-important wow-factor! Your media kit can be used for both outreach to the media for press, as well as to retailers, when building your wholesale business.

5. How to Choose the Right Materials

material sourcing

Souad and Leigh from Stateless Fashion, a team of New York fashion design veterans with a network of trusted factories, led a webinar on how to choose the right materials. During the webinar, they walked us through the essentials of material sourcing from getting the right wash to minimum order requirements.

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6. How to Design Footwear

making a shoe

Marcell Mrsan claims that footwear design is something that everybody knows really well, just like music.  The master footwear designer draws from his experiences as a a full-time footwear design professor, running his own custom shoe business and consulting with entrepreneurs to break  down the process of how to design a shoe.

7. 15 Instagrams for American Manufacturing

Screen Shot 2017-02-23 at 7.53.45 AM


Instagram introduces millions of users daily to the beautiful, filtered world of your favorite companies, people, and organizations. However, there are some profiles that give a rare glimpse into the behind-the-scenes of unfinished products. They share the heart and hustle behind creating American made products.

8. Brooklyn Factory Helps Target & Sears Transition to Onshoring


Recently at Maker’s Row, we’ve seen a heightened interest in bringing manufacturing back to the United States.We reached out to our community of manufacturers and quickly discovered that even big brands are leading the charge to transition production to the United States.  Philip Franzos owner of manufacturing company Accurate Knitting has serviced retail giants like Target, KMart, and SEARS. We sat down with him to learn the importance and the logistics behind onshoring.

9. 5 Simple Questions You Should Ask A Factory Before Working With Them


Choosing a factory is hard. There are so many things to consider from their quality control programs to their capabilities, and much more. However, because the process is sometimes so detailed, you forget some of the more generalized questions that you should be asking. That’s why in this post we will be giving you 5 questions you should be asking your factory to get to know them. After all, you are essentially interviewing them.

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10. 12 Manufacturing Leaders Under 40

under40 final

Don’t believe the myth that manufacturing and production is an old man’s game. Here are 12 young leaders, all with different stories, using their career to strengthen American Manufacturing.


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