What is a Production Management Agency?

In searching for an apparel production partner you will have many options. It’s important to know that you will most likely see 2 types of companies: individual functions (technical designers, cut-and-sew, etc.) and streamlined (consultants, agencies, etc). As more first time designers and entrepreneurs look into launching their line, production management agencies have surfaced to help alleviate the learning curve and production process.

We sat down with Chicago-based production apparel agency, The Apparel Agency, to learn more about how agencies can help improve your making process.

What is a production management agency?

A production management agency works as a bridge between the client (designer) and the factories and mills, providing development services such as design, patternmaking and sample making which are important to the pre-production process. Think of an agency as your outsourced design, development and management team.

Who can benefit from working with an agency?

Everyone is an ideal client – and everyone can benefit! We highly recommend building a strong team of knowledgeable individuals for any apparel brand. Having a skilled team enables brands to navigate the industry and receive the highest benefit out of their development and production process in a fraction of the time it might take doing it themselves or working with a variety of freelance service providers!

Does a production management agency cover business, design, and manufacturing? 

It depends on the Agency and what their core competencies are. We offer development and production management services at our core as well as budget plans, costing and pricing for the product line. However, it’s inevitable that business questions come up during development and production, and our clients know that they can lean on us to provide feedback or refer additional business related resources to them.

What would someone need to start working with a production management agency?

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It depends on what your end goal is really, as well as properly identifying where the holes are in your development and management team. At The Apparel Agency, we provide full service development and management plans that only require our clients to have an idea. Our diversity allows us to take clients from concept to consumer or provide select services in a step-by-step plan.

Who typically works at a production management agency? What does the team look like?

Again, it depends on the Agency and what their focus is. At TAA we provide our clients with a full team of industry professionals, such as; Sourcing Managers, Project Managers, Production Managers, Design Managers, Technical Designers, Patternmakers, Design Assistants, Sales Managers and Marketing Associates. And when needed we fold in our freelance partners to provide Graphic Design, Web Design and Development, Surface and Textile Design, and more! We also give a huge nod to our amazing team of contractors and vendors that have been with us for over a decade, supplying our clients with the highest in quality customer service, materials and production!

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