7 Stress-Relieving Tips for Female Business-Owners

The women-owned businesses, the mom-preneuers and the women who head powerful positions in their workplace…no matter how you lead, the stress is much higher at the top. Running your own successful business puts the owner at the helm, and success is defined by your every move. For women CEOs or those who hold other top management positions, results are crucial. Studies have shown that stress affects job performance and our physical health, and taking time for relaxation may be crucial to productivity and job success.

As women often wear numerous hats in their daily lives, stress relief is even more important to ensure balance and wellness…and happiness. While not every woman is a mom, wife, or volunteer, every woman balances their own roles and duties alongside their leadership position at the office. Here are seven ways that women who hold top positions and leadership roles in the workforce can take charge of the stress that seems to rule their day:

Practice mindfulness.

Mindfulness is a state of appreciating the here and now and living in the moment. But it usually takes practice and focus. By staying in the moment, the mind doesn’t wander to other worries…or the thoughts of the future. Mindful.org is a great web-based resource on the art of mindfulness and ways to incorporate the practice every day.


Mindfulness and meditation often go hand-in-hand, although you can practice mindfulness without meditation. There are many forms of meditation—from Transcendental Meditation that requires much training to simple meditative exercises. For many practitioners, meditation helps them let go of stress and worry and relax the body and the mind. The Mayo Clinic includes a few tips on how to practice meditation at home.

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Go for a run or a walk.

Everyone needs physical activity for good health. And exercise also can help relieve stress while also offering other physical benefits for the body. If you haven’t embraced an exercise routine for a while, don’t worry. You can ease the body into active mode by going for a walk. Gradually add more distance to your walks or begin a brief jog. Pounding the pavement helps take the mind off of stress while releasing feel-good endorphins.

Schedule a date night.

Sometimes a friendly ear helps melt stress. Go out for a date night with a partner or have a date with friends. Chatting, watching a movie or sharing dinner takes the mind off of work and focused on friendship and fun.

Try one of these inspirational movies perfect for entrepreneurs!

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Have a spa day.

When stress seems to take over, schedule a day of pampering at a local day spa. Enjoy a facial, mani/pedi and a massage to help stress melt away. If the budget is more constricted, have a spa day at home with DIY face masks and a pampering warm bath. Set a relaxing ambiance with candles and a bouquet of your favorite fragrant flowers for a naturally invigorating olfactory experience.

Read a book.

Sometimes reducing stress is all about entering another world. According to an article in the U.K.’s The Telegraph, reading may promote stress relief.  For a quick stress reliever, pick up a book and immerse yourself in another world.

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Take a vacation.

Most Americans don’t use their vacation days. And taking a vacation day—or several vacation days—may help you succeed. According to the Harvard Business Review, workers who took more vacation days were more likely to get a raise or a promotion. Of course, vacation time also helps lower stress and promotes relaxation.

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Women typically wear many hats throughout their day, and women leaders and entrepreneurs may be faced with daily stress that inhibits performance and productivity. Managing stress is vital to good health and success, take time to unwind and immerse in daily habits that promote stress alleviation and mind and body relaxation.