Spotlight for Black History Month: Black-Owned Manufacturing

To kickoff Black History Month, we revisiting some Maker’s Row business owners that are helping other entrepreneurs launch their fashion lines. These black entrepreneurs give us a snapshot of what it’s like to own and run a factory. Keep an eye out on the Maker’s Row Blog for more Black History Month features!

Krys Design Manufacturing

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Kristin on finding the company
“After I had a disastrous experience with a manufacturer for my own line, I wanted to become vertically integrated in taking control of my own production. I bought a bunch of machines from a cut and sew factory that was going out of business and was doing pretty well. I bought a couple more machines and when I looked around, I realized that it wasn’t fair to keep all of this to myself. And since I was a new mom I wasn’t doing that much volume for my own line, so why not help others who have encountered the same issues I had in dealing with production? Especially newer brands who really haven’t got a clue about all that goes into production.”


Kristin’s Philadelphia based company, Krys Design Manufacturing,  focuses on sample production, small runs, product development and sourcing. From ideation to production they can help you get your product made. Kristin says: “We help ideas come to life. We have a good team of stitchers, pattern-makers and equipment to make certain you have all that is needed before going into production.”

All Jewelry Contracting


Dion and his father run All Jewelry Contracting, a full-service manufacturer of fine jewelry based in New York City’s Diamond District. Integrating all components of manufacturing under one roof guarantees efficiency, speed, quality, and exclusivity, surpassing nearly all competition in the industry. AJC offers quality model and mold making, stone setting, polishing, finishing, patina and casting in brass, bronze, silver, platinum and all karats and colors of gold. Delivering outstanding customer service and efficiency is important to their team, “We love working directly with clients to develop the most efficient way to produce their jewelry line and products based on materials, production size, schedules and most importantly, the desired price point. Whether you are a student with a rush assignment or a designer with a custom order, we are here to aid in any project.” Check out AJC’s Instagram to see some of their most recent designs.

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