Black Tie Handbook: What Your Store Should Stock for a Formal Affair

The Grammy Awards are always a fashion scene and the 60th award show was no different. Although we can always count on the women to rock the red carpet, the men of the music industry brought their A-game this year. From Sam Smith’s double-breasted green suit to John Legend’s Burberry tux, the red carpet was full of fashion trends, tips, and predictions. Take a page from the star’s black-tie handbook and check out some of these fashion tips to ensure that your clothing stock is just what the buyers want.

Ditch the Black and Bring Out the Colors

The fashion trend of 2018 seems to emphasize the power of color. The runways throughout New York Fashion Week were littered with colorful suits from every shade of the Crayola box. This look has translated to the stars and the 2018 Grammy nominees were wearing bold hues such as Ne-Yo’s mustard colored jacket, Zayn Malik’s pink suit, and Tyler the Creator’s baby blue Louis Vuitton. If you’re looking to produce the best formal look for your customers, be sure to stock suits in bright colors. According to the trends, yellow and blue are the top suit colors for the Spring.

black tie

Bring Back the Double-Breasted Suit

Sam Smith and John Legend both embraced the double-breasted suit at this year’s Grammy Award. This unique look has been making a bold fashion statement across the international fashion world and has been featured in many prominent runways. Although the double-breasted suit has often been linked to power dressing, fashion designers are thrusting the look into the 21st century by adding a more fitted cut. This Spring, stock up your racks with double-breasted suits that match a super sleek and defined look. You will need to trash the old, baggy versions of the style and be sure your stores and manufacturers use a simpler, tighter version.


Wide-Legged Trousers Are Replacing Skinny Jeans

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Tyler the Creator is normally a t-shirt and shorts type of guy, but lately, he has been spotted wearing a more formal look. This formal look has hit the fashion world and brought out the trend of cropped, wide-leg chinos. Gone are the days of skinny jeans or fitted pants, and now the fashion world is obsessing over these boxy, yet stylish trousers. From chinos to khakis, this style can be found in both formal and informal wear. However, your stock should start with the classics. Be sure to have black wide-legged chinos in stock and try keeping some of this season’s other popular trouser colors on hand. These colors include navy blue, green, and burgundy.

Musicians tend to be on the forefront of fashion and the Grammy Awards were definitely the place to catch this season’s newest trends. If you’re looking for some formal items to stock up your shop, be sure to embrace the new trends. It will increase your sales, attract more customers, and ultimately make you some more money.