5 Traits of Successful Mom Entrepreneurs

Running a business isn’t easy—especially if you’re raising a family at the same time. Despite the challenges, thousands of “momtrepreneurs” are finding success blogging, consulting, freelancing, and running all kinds of successful businesses. Most mom entrepreneurs don’t start their businesses before having children, and they don’t usually wait until their children are out of the house: 80% started their businesses after their children were born, and the average age of their children on starting a business is just 6 years old!

Although they have to juggle other duties at home, mothers often have an upper hand in starting a business: through parenting, moms often build great leadership skills and character traits that translate well into the business world. Like all entrepreneurs, however, not every mom is ends up being successful in building a profitable business. If you’re thinking about becoming a momtrepreneur, or you want insight on what makes these hard-working women so successful, check out these 5 traits of successful mom entrepreneurs.

1. Kindness

Responding to child’s tantrum with kindness is a difficult skill to develop, but it’s one that translates well into entrepreneurship. Moms can use kindness to help build their business, but they also need to be kind to themselves. That might mean shifting work-life balance and making sleep and exercise a priority or just getting a sitter and taking the night off once in a while. Kindness may not sound like a business essential, but moms that use it both to build their businesses and nurture their personal lives will come out on top. 

2. Time Management/Organization

Mompreneurs have to be masters of time management and organization. Many moms fit in business-building activities between naps, during the school day, or after the kids have been put to bed for the night (and even before they get up). Because they don’t have 16 hours a day to devote to the business, mom entrepreneurs have to use their time wisely and be as productive as possible during the time they do have. They’re also skilled at prioritization because they simply don’t have time for non-essentials.

Having a somewhat flexible schedule makes entrepreneurship possible for moms—especially if the business can be run from home. Some moms juggle online classes as well, earning degrees and building skills to help them run a successful business. Multi-tasking in this way can be well worth it: a bachelor’s degree can help women earn around $630,000 more during their lifetimes than women with only a high school diploma. 

3. Patience

Raising children takes a huge amount of patience—and so does building a business. A child won’t become a well-rounded adult in a few months, and a business takes similar nurturing to become successful. Moms can use all the patience they’ve gained through parenthood to make steady progress toward their business goals.

4. Caring/Empathy

Emotional intelligence is a key trait in successful entrepreneurs, and moms generally have these traits in spades. Empathy is an important component of emotional intelligence, and many moms have leveraged that trait to build their businesses. Tammy Bowers, a mom entrepreneur, had a son with a rare condition—and she used that experience to create a business that would help other parents with ill children through the Pocket Physician app.

5. Connection

Connecting with customers is key for entrepreneurial success. Moms often create their businesses based on what they’re passionate about, which provides a natural connection point. They’ve got a great sense of vision, and they tend to only work on what they believe in. They’re often great storytellers, which allows them to deepen the connections with their business and their customers.

Entrepreneurship and Motherhood: a Natural Fit

Moms who work outside the home often wish they had more time to spend with their children, making entrepreneurship an ideal solution. The process of building a business can be especially challenging while meeting the needs of a growing family, but women can thrive by using their innate leadership abilities to build a business that creates a sustainable balance between work and family lives. Moms can be successful entrepreneurs by staying committed to their goals and making steady progress—and entrepreneurs without kids can learn a thing or two from their success.

Photo Credit: WBKO.com
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