America's Oldest Hat Maker

We are America's oldest hat maker and a private label supplier to great brands like Rag and Bone, JCrew, Polo and Orvis. Our production process is completely vertical, from the raw wool to the finished product. We specialize in wool felt, fur felt and our patented Lite Felt and Lite Straw hats, but our product lines include a wide variety of headwear. We also sell hat bodies.

We are excited to find more opportunities for headwear design and production through Maker's Row. For more information, please visit our website.


Our design and innovation team is always playing with new product ideas and we are happy to assist you in making your ideas a reality.


We have hundreds of different hat patterns and shapes for blocking our wool felt hats. Our design team is more than capable of pattern making to help you turn your ideas into something fashionable and functional.


We sell wool, hat bodies, seconds and unfinished product.


Our design team is happy to create samples.


Our manufacturing process is completely vertical. We take raw wool and then we refine it, card it, and turn it into luxurious wool felt and fur felt hats. Our factory is capable of helping you through all steps of production.


Our factory primarily works in bulk orders but we are also capable of doing small numbers for the right customers.