BONSTONtec manufactures height-adjustable, ergonomic workstations and laboratory products.

Our height-adjustable workstations are individually designed to meet the specific needs of the end user for a variety of industries, including assembly, fulfillment, healthcare, laboratory, and technology/office. Like all of our furniture designs, BOSTONtec's workstations are ergonomic, customizable and easy to use. In addition to height-adjustable workstations, BOSTONtec specializes in designing and manufacturing complementary laboratory solutions including (WING¨ and SKYCAP¨) overhead service distribution systems, c-frames, work surfaces, and casework.

For more than two decades, BOSTONtec has designed and manufactured innovative products that help improve employee productivity and comfort. Solely owned by Case Systems, BOSTONtec continues to focus on versatility and affordability... (more)


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