Because quality is the antithesis of waste... Your one stop boutique shop working directly with you from inception through completion.

Bushwick Manufacturing is an upmarket leather, apparel and jewelry concept, design, and small manufacturing team located in Bushwick, Brooklyn.

We have 10+ years of experience with bags, jewelry, apparel, accessories, interiors, artifacts, restorations, sample making, private label productions, manufacturing and product photography.

Our in-house facilities include an array of light sewing, industrial sewing, fur sewing, crochet stitching, skiving, serging machines, die cutting, setting, and hand tools for leather and jewelry and product photography equipment. We also work closely with specialized artisans in all fields of creative, art and design to meet your individual needs. Our pricing is scaled on a project... (more)


Yes, we do offer creative services and help refine a product/idea to meet your needs. We are a full service boutique manufacturing team and we offer guidance in all areas of design from conception through completion.


Yes, we do hand-patterning in-house and have excellent external CAD/3D digital facilities.


We work in all materials and we are excellent at sourcing; leather, canvas, denim, cotton, findings, chain, beads, gemstones, etc. Our capabilities include specialized factories to meet any needs that go beyond our in-house facilities.


Yes, we are exceptionally skilled at sample-making/prototyping. We work diligently to bring your ideas to life.


Yes, and we are happy to help bring your brand to the world!


We are boutique manufacturers. We offer one-on-one high-quality attention to all aspects of production in small and large scale dependent on client needs.