Creative Supplies That Inspire The Creative Process.

We manufacture a wide range of craft supplies and blanks to the craft, maker and DIY markets. We focus on making items that allow others to create and make art and design that speaks to them. Our products range from tote bags and aprons to blank cards and paints. We love to start with blank canvas, blank burlap or blank paper and turn them into something beautiful. We offer both branded and custom items, working with makers to create unique surfaces to show off their art.


We focus on items such as aprons, totes, brush holders, makeup bags and home decor blanks. We work work with each of our accounts to help them bring their idea to life from an idea, sketch or series of images. We work with canvas, burlap, denim and other natural materials and we can work with custom fabrics as needed.


We stock a wide range of 100% cotton canvas in different weights (5 ounce, 7 ounce, 10 ounce and 14 ounce), poly/cotton twill in natural and colors, a variety of burlap grades and burlap colors and denim. We can sell them by the yard or use them to produce the products for you.


We do create samples and will work with you to refine them until the desired finished results are met.


We create all products from a pattern and produce in-house.


Yes we manufacture products in our Springdale, Arkansas warehouse. We offer a low MOQ of 25 to help get the idea launched. We then offer volume discounts for large quantities.