Premium English Bridle Private Label Leather Goods

We are leather goods manufacturer located in Portland, Oregon. We have our inline brand, Tanner Goods, as well as our private label line, Cascadian Fabrications. We use the same leather and hardware as our Tanner Goods line on the private label line, with top-notch craftsmanship and a focus on detail. We have ready-to-go styles as well as the ability to construct your custom design. Please reach out with any questions!


We will help with turning your idea into a tangible product. If more than an hour's development is needed to put your product into production, we may charge a development fee.


We can turn custom shapes into a cut die and your artwork into a mag plate, to stamp into your product. If you've had a leather product made by another manufacturer, we can recreate the product and update it with our production standards.


We sell scrap leather, English Bridle ranging from 3-11 oz. We offer them in 5 lb. bundles, and you can select your range from either 3-6 oz. or 8-11 oz. It's all the same premium English Bridle we use on all our products, and due to our high quality standard, our scrap is very usable, and we give much larger pieces than other scrap suppliers. Our scrap leather usually has a finished back, which is rare amongst other scrap bundles on the market.


We can provide a physical sample of your product prior to production, for $100.


We convert your tech pack into the necessary tooling for your product. This usually consists of cut dies and mag plates.


We can produce large quantities, we just take it as a case-by-case basis for lead times.