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Clean Air Woodworks is a small design-build-manufacturing firm that focuses on modern designs, zero-VOC finishes, reclaimed and sustainable wood, and wooden creations of all types. Custom wooden furniture, small to medium sized production runs of wooden parts, and wooden housewares and commonly asked for items. Wooden Yurt Tents are produced in our factory under the name of Clean Air Yurts.

We create unique handmade pieces and products using predominately locally cut and milled hardwoods from the Hudson Valley of NY. Wide live edged slabs... (more)


Our designers help you think outside of the box and design everything from the ordinary to the sublime. We can take a simple idea and turn it into a functional product or refine your design to make it work better.


We do limited drafting for customers, but like to focus on the design and production side of the equation. We don't always require CAD drawings for simple projects before beginning prototyping or production, saving our customers money.


We have a wide variety of sources for materials. From small local sawmills, to reclaimed wood, we can find nearly any piece of wood that you could need. We have access to wide wood slabs for table tops or desks, as well as exotics from all over the world. Our facility has a large stock of materials to facilitate rapid prototyping times and production of certain products. We are happy to provide you with any wooden materials that you are looking for, either directly or through one of our many suppliers. This can include semi-finished wooden items such as surfaced lumber, sanded slabs, rough cut parts.


We have worked with many Maker's Row customers to create their production samples. As a custom shop, we have the ability to do very customized runs of your sample products for a reasonable cost. We have made rulers, wooden sweeper blades, paddleball paddles, cutting boards, coasters, benches, and more as custom production runs and samples.


If you need custom ground cutterheads for the production of a specific part, or durable patterns for you to make you own pieces, we can handle that.


Our capabilities include both small and large production runs of your products. We are most cost-competitive in small and medium runs, but we still beat the competition in larger orders. The most common size for orders is 50-500 pieces. Smaller items can be produced in the 500-5000 piece range.