Fair Trade manufacturer of colored gems and finished jewelry.

We sell loose gemstones to manufacturers and retailers as well as manufacture a line of finished jewelry in sterling silver and yellow and white gold, 10k, 14k, and 18k.
We maintain a transparent supply chain that allows us to trace back to the mine all gemstones we currently sell as well as the finished jewelry. There are a few gemstones we can't trace back to the mine but we can clearly identify those using a system developed over the last 15 years.


We can provide gemstone types, sizes, and shapes available prior to the design of the product so you don't design something that's not economical to produce.


We can provide gemstones, findings, silver and gold in any combination needed. We can also provide 3D printing of cad cam models, help with models and molds.


On a case by case basis depending on the design and setup we can help create samples.


We can do 3D printing, build models, produce molds used in the production of gemstone jewelry.


Yes, if the design lends itself to production methods we can mass produce items to help hold your costs to a minimum.