Servicing the garment industry in grading and marking.

One of the leading computerized grading and marking companies that serves the apparel industry with state of the art equipment and large facilities.
With our grading, marking, photocopies, and ability to scan patterns internationally, Create-A-Marker obtains the power to satisfy all your needs.
Our Grading Services include Specs from both simple to complicated garments, such as:
- Women’s
- Men’s
- Children’s
- Bridal/Eveningwear
- Swimwear
- Intimate Apparel
- Leather/Fur

Fabric utilization is the most important consideration in the making of markers. We offer Computerized Markers made to optimal utilization on fabrics:
- Data cut files for computerized cutting rooms
- Electronic markers may be sent or received via internet
- Mini markers and sample markers
- Yardage reports
- Estimated yardages


Pattern makers will make a blueprint of your idea. They make sure your design will be well-constructed.


Tooling factories produce custom tools that accelerate the production time of the end product.