Custom Manufacturer of setup boxes and folding cartons.

Cross Country Box is a family owned, high-quality, custom box manufacturer which makes rigid /set up and folding (carton) boxes.

All style boxes (top/bottom, cigar, window, etc.), all inserts (platforms, partitions, etc.), all embellishments (foil stamping, printing, etc.), all closures (magnets, eyelets, etc.) are available. Die cutting, embossing, V and thumb notches, and sleeves are available for your packaging needs.

There are no minimum runs. Production has quick turn around and is flexible. There are fulfillment, drop and ship, make and hold, and in-house design options. Our Eco-Friendly and Recyclable boxes start with post-consumer board.

Whether you need a ridge box... (more)


Cross Country Box Company Inc can help you refine your packaging ideas for your product. We will discuss the best style box at the price point you need. We have an in-house designer that will cover paper choices, other materials, inserts, finishes, and any special features your product might need at no additional cost.


After a new product has been designed the packaging of the product must then be designed to fit the products needs. Sometimes samples are needed, sometimes design ideas for the packaging are needed, and Cross Country Box Company Inc. can provide the samples and consultations for the design with personalized and courteous service..


Cross Country Box Company will mass produce any quantities required(small, medium, and large) with no minimums and special rates for larger orders of both rigid/set-up boxes and folding cartons, including any inserts, special options, and finishes your product needs. Make and Hold (warehouse storage without additional pricing) and Fulfillment options are also available.