Custom woven, printed labels and high quality hang tags!

Woven Labels

A woven tag or woven label is the most common method of branding your clothing or product. Cruz Label offers one of the best qualities as well as great turnaround time.

We offer taffeta, damask, high density damask (50 denier), and satin woven labels.

Q: What is your turnaround time?
A: Woven label samples take 5-6 days business days and production takes 6-9 business days. We can also expedite your order for an additional charge of $150. This will get your entire woven label production in 3-5 business days with no sampling. If you require sampling first, this will add another 3-5 business days onto the lead time.

Q: Is there a set-up charge?
A: No. The set up charge is included in your woven label order. But if you change your design after receiving a sample, there's a $100 charge for re-digitizing your artwork, which is a time consuming, expensive process. The best way to avoid this fee is make 100% sure you are happy with your design before sampling. If you just need color adjustments, there is no re-digitizing fee. We will provide two different color options for no extra charge. For additional color samples, please speak to your sales rep.

Q: Do you sew on the labels, too?
A: No. We only produce the woven labels. We can ship the labels to you directly or to your manufacturer/ sewing contractor at your request.

Q: How do I know what kind of fold or finish I need?
A: The best place to start is by looking at other garments and the folds/finishes you like in those. Next, talk to the person sewing them in. Different folds are priced differently to sew in, so there may be financial considerations to take into account.

Q: What is the best quality woven label?
A: The 50 denier damask woven label uses the finest yarns and has the tightest weave, making your artwork look very crisp and clear. It’s also the softest, most luxurious weave. For very fine and detailed designs or for a softer feel, ask us about our 50 denier (a.k.a high density) damask woven label.

Q: Can I have different sizes put on to my woven labels?
A: Yes. We can make the same woven label and split your sizing anyway you'd like for a small additional fee. The fees vary depending on how many different sizes you want and the total quantity of your order.

Q: Can you make a specific part of my design to stand out?
A: Yes, we can do this by double-weaving the part that needs to stand out. This is charged just like an additional color. And if brightness is important to you, we recommend double weaving the lighter areas in the design. By double weaving, the lighter color has more surface coverage.

Q: Can you make labels with non-permanent adhesive backing?
A: Yes. We can produce woven labels with adhesive sticker backing in rolls or individually cut. Please specify which you’d prefer when ordering.

Q: Can you make iron-on patches?
A: Yes. Iron-on woven patches can be applied to garments with a heat press or iron instead of sewing. Please ask our sales rep to send you samples for testing, since the adhesive works differently with different fabrics.

Q: Can you also make heat transfer labels (aka tag-less tags)?
A: Of course. A lot of baby garments use heat transfer labels instead of woven labels. It is ink based, so you do not feel it like woven labels. It produces a sharp image and can be created in full colors. Heat transfer labels are extremely durable even after numerous washes. Please see our heat transfer page for full details.

Q: There are so many different types of labels! How can I tell which is best for me?
A: Please ask your Cruz Label sales rep for a FREE woven label sample pack of the different labels we produce. If you need further consultation, please give us a call and let us know where your labels will be placed, what your garment/item price points are and your target market. We can use this information to help you make the best decision for your items – both financially and aesthetically.