Wide range of capabilities in metal fabrication and polishing

CMPI is much more than just a metal fabrication shop. We are proudly able to deliver customized architectural fabrications and installations. Turn-key service is our trade, from pre-construction to project completion, we are capable of handling every detail. We will fabricate your architectural components in house, and expertly install your materials directly on site, saving you time and money every step of the way. Let our estimators and designers work with you to determine how you can incorporate our ornamental metals or miscellaneous metals package into the architecture of your project. If an off-the-shelf solution won't work for your project,... (more)


Custom is in our name because we receive unique needs from each client that we service. Our engineering & design departments can assist with the planning & processing of your project, so you can expect a viable design, aligned with your vision.


CMPI is able to process customer materials, or procure material for the customer at a discounted rate, thanks to our bulk material purchasing capabilities. We typically work with stainless and aluminum, although other alloys are available. Stainless steel is an eco-friendly metal, as it is primarily a recycled product.


CMPI can provide samples of small fabrications and our polishing finishes.