Leather and fabric specialties

D&D Leather Goods is a full package and equipped leather shop, located at Los Angeles, CA.
Our team has the ability to create and produce any kind of project, such as pattern, sample, and production of clothing, handbags, backpacks, wallets, belts, accessories, cushions, and much more!


We always recommend to have a meeting at our leather shop to discuss your project. All details and qualities are very important for us. We can always exam your project and give you suggestions to make your project even better.


We're able to make pattern for leather projects and fabric as well. Such as clothing, handbags, backpacks, and much more. We are able to make pattern for any idea you have.


We count with couples companies that can provide us with leather, fabrics, and hardware. If you have trouble finding the materials you need for your project, we can help you to find them. We have a lot of sources nationals and internationals.


We can do a sample from a drawing or picture. If you already have patterns, we would need to check them and see if they're correct. For leather projects, we always recommend to make a prototype, which is something close to sample but using other material, like canvas.


We count with a full equipment of tools and machines for the preparation of every project. We count with the following machines: Skiving machine Walking-foot machines Single needle machines Screen printing machine (for fabric and leather) Heat pressure machine (for stamps on leather) Clicker press machine Metal die cutting Metal die stamping


We're very flexible at production, since most of our customers can't do mass production. So we are able to make duplicates, which are less than 10 pieces. Production, which is 10 pieces and more per color and size. And mass production, which is about 1000 pieces.