Swimwear Boutique services

Swimwear branding consulting
-Creative direction
-Line sheets
-Material sourcing
-Sample production development
-Small unit production
-Social media
-Photo shoot production


Our in house brand consulting team will take your ideas from sketch to reality. If needed, we are here to help build it from zero to 100.


We can create patterns for any type of swimwear.


We can source all your materials and fabrics for you.


We can use your own patterns or create them ourselves and make prototypes/samples. Often times, we may need to do more than one round of samples to fit the suit perfectly.


We will create patterns, grading, sourcing, sample production TOP and be ready to move into production.


We specialize in small unit production (10-100 units) as we are a boutique team that is dedicated in delivering your brand to it's fullest potential.