Contract manufacturing for the apparel/ textile and uniform industries since 1990.

Welcome to E.T. Manufacturing Co., Family owned and operated since 1990, E. T. Manufacturing Co is a CMT (cut, make, trim) and/or Turnkey contract manufacturer of industrial uniforms, custom sewn products and bias tape/binding/trim.

Our products range includes aprons, vests, smocks/lab coats, tote bags, baby accessories (baby bibs, hooded towels, burp towels, wash mitts, etc.), and bias tape. Our generously sized factory, warehouse, and skilled cutting/sewing room staff has allowed us to support national uniform and image apparel programs such as Albertsons, Applebee's, American Cancer Society, Burger King, McDonald's, Pizza Hut, true Value, Wal-Mart, and many more.

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Take your concept drawings and reference materials to these factories. They will assist in refining your concept and thinking through the components involved in the Making Process.


These factories will mass produce your designs.