Use us for all your ceramic decorating needs, or make your own with our printing system

Enduring Images is the sole North American partner of MZ Toner, and we use state of the art ceramic printing technology to create beautiful, custom ceramic items for our customers. Capable of small quantity production (1 to 2000 pieces), all customer imagery is kiln fired to 1600 +/- degrees Fahrenheit. True ceramic durability and fadeless for hundreds of years. Yes really!

You can also bring production in-house when you're ready. We sell the patented production system that we use!

Equipment & Machinery:


There are numerous commercial porcelain and ceramic items that can be personalized / customized with your art and designs. We have been in business for 14 years and can help you refine your search and find the perfect item. We will also assist in creating the final graphics should you need such assistance.


We have numerous sources of tile, tableware and porcelain items that we have worked with for years. We can help you find a source to obtain the perfect ceramic piece for your custom images.


Not sure how a piece will look after being fired in the kiln? We are happy to produce and send our customers a sample piece to make sure the final product will look just as beautiful as envisioned.