Fundamental tools for Earth Travelers

At Equinox we can help you design, develop and manufacture your product from start to finish. Our design staff takes pride in being able to turn your ideas and concepts into attractive, functional products. We offer on-site design, manufacturing, packaging, shipping, and warehousing of your inventory.
To list just some of the products that we manufacture here:
- Cargo, Gear, and Sport Bags
- Tote Bags & Stuff Bag - Canvas, Organic Cotton, Nylon, Mesh
- Blankets, Camp Bags and Pillows
- Backpacks and Pack Covers
- Tarps, Shelters and Raingear
- Fleece Hats and Scarves
Plus a very wide range of... (more)


We have experienced staff who can help to refine a product idea. We can offer suggestions to make products flow more easily through the production process.


We have a wide variety of materials in stock. We also have many sources where we can find the right fabric to fit your project.


We have experienced staff who can create product samples to your specs. Typically we can get samples out within 2 weeks.


We are a flexible manufacturer who can do both small and large production runs. We can start with as few as 50 pieces, but can also accommodate orders in the 1000's. We have been in business for almost 30 years, and are very proud to be able to continue the tradition of manufacturing in the Unites States. We love the challenge of working with our customers to create new and exciting products!