Woven and Knit Vertical Apparel Manufacturer

Everest USA, Forest City, NC
Taiwan owned operations since 1988
Full package fabric and apparel manufacturer in USA since 2017

Vertical Integration
Fabrics - Yarn spinning and texturizing: Weaving, knitting, dyeing, finishing, printing; Coating & laminating, special treatment & process;
Garment: Woven & knits cut & sew apparel

Innovation Oriented
Disruptive innovation expert: lead and extend market demands
Quick response and professional service to the market

Provide sustainable process and Eco-products
Energy efficient factory, no heating or use of air conditioning


Meet with clients to outline different design ideas Can develop tech-pack from design concept


We can develop custom patterns for a nominal fee per pattern style.


We sell full package vertical garment processing and woven and knitted materials,


Yes, we develop garment samples from the concept stage through to end use.


Yes, we can handle the full stages of production.


Yes, we have been producing large orders for big brands for 30 years.