Quality & Precision - Always on Time

EZG Manufacturing is a state of the art fabrication and design shop located in Southeastern Ohio. EZG uses cutting edge technology and fabrication techniques to be more than just an average job shop, but a manufacturing partner capable of producing your parts of the highest quality at competitive pricing - on time, every time.

EZG has over 10 years experience working for or partnering with the construction, oil & gas, industrial parts cleaning and de-greasing, material handling, plant maintenance and repair, trailer manufacturing and other industries to manufacture parts from a variety of materials on time at a competitive price.... (more)


Our staff is very knowledgeable and our in-house fabricators and engineers can help make those final tweaks to improve your project outcome.


We can help source any material required for your manufacturing job.


If required, samples can be provided to verify tolerances and specifications.


Our machine shop can handle almost any requirements, or we can source virtually anything to get the job done the way in which it needs to be completed.


We can handle jobs of any size - our facilities are designed to accommodate mass production needs.